Project Highlight: Frisco Station

Frisco Station is a 7 floor hotel project located in Frisco, Texas. The contractor, Design Construction, has years of experience in hotel projects and made the wise decision to use Hydro Mobile Mast Climbers to increase their productivity on this difficult stack-bond brick project.

Hydro Mobile M2 Mast Climber Frisco Station Corner Setup
Hydro Mobile M2 Mast Climber Frisco Station with Corner Setup

This project is a challenge with the multiple returns, in addition to it being stack-bond pattern, requiring quality workmanship from the masons. The Hydro Mobile M2 Mast Climbers are versatile enough to provide the mason with a quick setup around corners and keep the flow going all the way up.

Hydro Mobile M2 Mast Climber Frisco Station Stairwell

The above area shows a return that they were able to easily setup to cover the stairwell. The smaller length of the stairwell wall required the use of a 14’ M2 Hydro Mobile Mast Climber vs. the traditional 24’ M2 units used on other areas of the job. The 14’ M2 unit is able to provide the same large capacity of 22,000 lbs, a 7’ deep work platform, and stability of having two masts vs. using a single mast system.

Hydro Mobile M2 Mast Climber Frisco Station with Hoist

Additionally, Design Construction used the M2 Hoist for this project to keep the masons continually stocked. At a capacity of 4,000 lbs and speed of 65 ft per minute, these hoists will keep production going, even after you’ve outreached your forklift.

Being their first project with mast climbers, Spec Rents held a full installation and dismantle training course for their E&D crew. Our instructors spent multiple days assisting in their first setups and going back out to assist with dismantling and moving units to additional setups.

If you’ve got a construction project coming up that you’re considering mast climbers on but haven’t taken the leap and have questions, give us a call. We’re happy to walk you through the process to find the best solution for your specific challenges.

Hydro Mobile M2 Mast Climber_Frisco Station_MPI

Spec Rents is the proud distributor of Hydro Mobile for Texas. Although we are technically an equipment company, we’re not just in business to sell and rent equipment. We provide our customers with equipment solutions that provide safety and increased productivity. Let us know if we can help you achieve your company’s goals.

Post by:  Elizabeth "Liz" Graves, Sales Manager at Spec Rents, LLC.  Contact Liz at