Bend less, Lay More

Non-Stop Scaffolding

Non-Stop Scaffolding

Today I’ve got 3 questions for you:


  1. Do you have trouble finding and keeping qualified masons?

  2. Do you have trouble getting the production you need to meet aggressive schedules?

  3. Do you have masons that occasionally get injuries from poor ergonomics (i.e. reaching, lifting, or bending too much)?

Hydro Mobile with Hoist

Hydro Mobile with Hoist


If you answered yes to any of these, then read on to find out how Hydro Mobile and Non-Stop Scaffold can help.

With both systems, your masons are always laying at an appropriate height.  They’re not bending over and they’re not reaching over their head. 





What can this do for your company and your employees?

  • Safety Solutions.  It’s always best to start with safety. Not having to reach or bend means less occupational injuries, which can lead to additional cost and delays on the project.  I know many masons who have torn up shoulders after laying block overhead for 20+ years or aching backs every day when they go home from bending over.  Why not help prevent that? Both Non-Stop and Hydro Mobile can help prevent these injuries, which keeps your workforce happy and saves you money at the same time.

  • Workforce Solutions.  Let’s face it, masonry is hard work.  In a time when we struggle to find new masons, any way we can make their jobs easier we should take advantage of.  I can hear some of you more experienced masons out there thinking, “kids these days just don’t like to work hard.”  That may or may not be true and I’m not debating that today.  What I will say is that it makes sense to work smarter, not harder when you can.  Technology like these systems can be your friend and your crews will appreciate you making them more productive and keeping them healthier.

  • Production Solutions.  Your production will go up when you use a system like Hydro Mobile and/or Non-Stop Scaffold.  Like I said above, being at an appropriate height will allow masons to put units in the wall much faster.  Productivity = More Money
    • Hydro Mobile units also can be equipped with monorail systems for setting large stone or other materials faster, safer, and with fewer team members.
    • Hoist systems, whether on Non-Stop or Hydro Mobile, can be very convenient when you’ve “outreached” your forklift and you don’t have a lot (or any) crane-time available.  When your crews are consistently stocked, they are consistently putting units in the wall. 
    • Don’t stop to raise those boards!  You could easily spend 30 minutes each time you have to raise the boards.  That could be 1-1.5 hours a day.  If you’re paying your masons $25/hr, you’ve just lost at least $25 a day per mason.  That adds up fast on a long wall.  EX:  10 Masons on a 200’ wall and you’ve lost at least $250 per day.  That’s $1000 a month just for masons to stand around while the boards are raised! 

Spec Rents is a full-service Hydro Mobile and Non-Stop Scaffold dealer.  We proudly rent, sell, and service these two systems because we’ve been in the masonry industry.  We know first-hand that the above advantages can make a difference for problems with safety, manpower, and production.  Contact us to help you find the right system for your upcoming or current projects. We want to help you work smarter, not harder!

Post by:  Elizabeth "Liz" Graves, Sales Manager at Spec Rents, LLC.  Contact Liz at