Hydro Mobile. Not just for High Rises.

Many times when I'm talking to contractors about using Hydro Mobile mast climbers they say to me, "but we don't do high rises."

Mast climbers are not just for high rises.  Sure, they work well for high rises but they also work great on lower stuff too.

Here's a great example.  I was lucky enough to get to take lunch to the awesome crew for C.W. Oates Masonry, Inc. at a Costco they're doing.  They're using Hydros on this project.


  • Because they have a tight schedule. 
  • Because they don't have time to mess with setting conventional scaffold and move it around the building.  Because they also need the faster production. 
  • Because their masons and laborers love them because they feel safer and are more comfortable and productive than the alternative. 
  • To top it off, grouting is so much easier for them with the Hydros without having to work around frames and x-braces.  

Still thinking Hydros are just for high rises???  Think again....

Then contact Spec Rents and we'll find the right setup for your next non-high-rise project.  In the meantime, check out a few photos from the project and our lunch below.  A special thanks to C.W. Oates Masonry for being a great partner and supporter of the masonry industry.