Wimag Stone Clamps

Spec Rents proudly carries Wimag Stone Clamps. These products can help to make moving stone, cast stone, heavy panels, and other items more productive and safe for your team. Below are a few examples of more popular Wimag Stone Clamps. You can visit Wimag for full line available that Spec Rents can help you with.

These products work very well when combined with a Hydro Mobile monorail system.


Wimag 305 Clamp for Upright Slabs

  • Simple applying and disconnecting by means of holdfast application: clamp must not be liftet manually

  • No adjustment of the clamping range

  • Huge multiplication guarantees optimum safety

  • Web sling instead of chain: light weight

  • With spring tension

  • Ideal for concrete and natural stones


Wimag 305 Flat Clamp

  • Great safety due to huge multiplication of 5:1.

  • Web sling instead of chain/rope: low weight, no twisting, no injuries.

  • The narrow jaw enables the putting down of upright plates or the erection of plates. Even tightly positioned upright plates can be gripped.

  • No damage to the plate surface due to rubber coating.

  • Spring tension prevents an inadvertent slipping down of the clamp.

  • Easy handling by compact and convenient construction.

  • Suitable for nearly all materials.


Wimag 316 Boulder Grab

  • The boulder grab was developed for the simple transport of irregular stones and boulders. Of course, elements with parallel sides can also be transported.

  • The boulder grab can be used with any material handling lifting equipment near to the ground. Remove bolt when picking up the load. When setting down the load the bolt will snap in by itself and the grab opens automatically.

  • Large clamping range

  • Adjustable suspension eye

  • Large rotating range

  • Large gripping depth

  • Low weight